How does Social marketing labs aI help me?

Get leads from everywhere

Of course you get landing pages that convert. But now you can also turn DM's, Social Media Messages, and inbound texts into leads ...automatically. Plus you can have two-way conversations with your leads in real time on whatever platform they're using.

Follow up with them automatically (And Say the right things)

Our follow up campaigns are pre-built, already automated, and template based. Plus they work with email, text, and Messenger. All you do is change the words and you're done. Zero "techie stuff" required.

Send them to funnels that sell

It's hard to know what to say on your web pages so that people will buy. That's why you get funnel templates that are based on proven blueprints. Each funnel come with pre-tested and high converting opt-in pages, sales pages, order forms, and even one-click upsell pages. Just fill in the words on the template you choose and you're ready to sell.

The playbook for growing a local business online is simple. Capture new leads, conversationally convert those leads into sales, turn those customers into positive reviews, and then reactivate those customers into repeat buyers, and that's exactly what our platform does. In order to consistently generate new leads, you first need to be found.

The quickest way to get search engines like Google to put your business at the top of search results is by having a steady flow of. With our platform, you can show up in search and stand apart from your local competition by easily collecting new customer reviews through text. But getting found is only the beginning.

Most consumers choose the first business that responds to them, so unless you start conversations with potential customers almost instantly, they'll go somewhere else. That's why we make starting conversations with website visitors as easy as clicking a button. Connecting you instantly through text.

message so the conversation doesn't end when they leave your website. And we bring all your leads, no matter where they come from, into a single conversation stream that supports text, email, video messaging, Google business chats, and even Facebook and Instagram DMs. So you can respond faster and more efficiently than ever.

When it comes to turning all those conversations into customers, we make collecting payments just another convenient part of the combo. So you get paid fast. No matter how they prefer to pay. Next, you'll want to turn your new customers into happy reviews, which is a snap with our new review request quick actions.

The more conversations and customers you generate, the easier it becomes to drive repeat business. We make reactivating contacts into customers as easy as, yup, you guessed it, the push of a button. With bulk actions, you can send out text and email campaigns to generate new sales. whenever you have a new update, promotion, or story to tell.

We make modern online marketing simple. Let's start growing your business today.

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